Mike Fowler

What are you capable of when you give something your full attention?

Now, more than ever, focusing is a challenge.

Our attention is our most valuable resource, and everything around us demands a piece of it. Fragmenting our attention makes it difficult to focus on what’s important and distracts us from meaningful pursuits.

It is my purpose and privilege to support you in reclaiming your attention.

I hold space for you to let go of limiting habits and distracting behaviors; focus your attention; and start living a purpose-driven life. I am excited to work together if you are:

  • Struggling to focus, at work or in your personal life.
  • Trying to spend less time on screens or social media.
  • Seeking to be more present with the people around you.
  • Ready to give your full attention to a vision bigger than you.

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Ask Mike about coaching

Is coaching right for me?

If you want more from your life and are ready to take action, coaching is right for you.

Coaching is a container for transformation. At the heart of that container is a conscious relationship between coach and client. Together, we decide exactly how we want to be with each other. How will we create a relationship full of trust, respect, and honesty? How would you like to receive feedback? How can I best support you with accountability?

From that place, I give you my care and attention, holding space for you to discover and overcome limiting beliefs and harmful habits. I am your ally in identifying needs, setting clear goals, and creating support structures that will help you achieve them.
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