Mike Fowler

Mike Fowler is a New York-based coach supporting people in reclaiming their attention and living with purpose.

I believe that we all want to spend our time well, giving our attention to the people and things that we love, that remind us of who we are, and inspire us. I believe that we all want to feel a sense of purpose, and for our actions to reflect deeply held values.

It took a lifetime of distraction for me to find the value in focus. I was in front of video games by age 3, absorbed in internet culture at 14, and working professionally as a software engineer before I graduated college.

After a decade immersed in the stressful, breakneck world of startups—helping build products at Airbnb and with Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake—I craved stillness, clarity, and purpose. I knew that within me was a larger contribution, but after leaving work each night, streaming video, social media, and infinite feeds of panic-inducing news headlines made true focus challenging, if not impossible. I embarked on a journey to reclaim my attention.

Along the way, I have found far more than focus. Being more present with people has deepened my friendships. Without the constant distraction of news and advertising, I can hear myself and formulate thoughts with greater clarity. Stress and anxiety, when they arise, affect me less. Cultivating attention is like planting a fruit tree in the cracks of a sidewalk: a simple act of rebellion that, if allowed to flourish, reclaims space from harsh, rigid structures, and brings beauty to a dull space.

My coaching draws on a deep understanding of the design and engineering behind modern technology, as well as on years of experience with mindfulness and breath meditation. I have both attended and help run technology-free summer camps for adults, helping people reconnect to their passions and the joy of connection with others. I trained as a coach through Coaching for Transformation in New York City, and am a Certified Professional Coach.

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