Mike Fowler

Attention is your most valuable resource.

How are you using yours?

In the age of distraction, reclaiming your attention is an act of rebellion and the hallmark of a leader.

When you mindfully direct your attention, the world shifts. You release anxiety and free yourself from distraction. With a clear head, you extend your vision and plot a course. Your purpose, now unobscured, shines through with dazzling clarity.
I support people in reclaiming their attention because the world needs you present—now more than ever. Together, let us speak and share your vision.
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What you think, you become.

Our experience of the world is shaped by what we pay attention to. Our brain, like our body, responds to what we feed it. In the current climate of endless todo lists, fear-based news, and FOMO-inducing social media, reclaiming your attention is a revolutionary act of self-compassion.
By cultivating our attention, we plant seeds that grow into focus, vision, and purpose. I support you in identifying and moving beyond distracting behaviors; finding ways to access your innate mindfulness; and seeing yourself with clarity and kindness.
Mike has continually helped me focus my attention and find my edge in order to get to the heart of whatever challenge I’m facing. He creates a safe container for all parts of me to be heard: the big dreams, limiting beliefs, shadows that I usually avoid, and everything in between.
Tammy / Registered Nurse

I want to know more about you.

Let's talk about what's possible with coaching.
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